Nutrition Group was founded with the ambition of becoming the manufacturing partner of choice to leading nutrition brands. 

Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in product quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement in manufacturing and customer interaction. 

Our customers choose Nutrition Group because they trust our ability to deliver high quality products, consistently and reliably. 

We are better than our competitors because of our flexible and proactive approach to partnering with customers. 

To succeed in this mission statement, the company is committed to the following objectives:

Be Market Driven

Aspire to be the best in the industry in all aspects of the business

Understand consumer and customer needs

Be Profit Conscious

Understand and control the financial implications of all activities

Measure performance and look for continuous improvement

Be Action Orientated

Give everyone the confidence to act decisively and support initiative

Be Reliable

Deliver what the customer wants and on time

Be aware that any advice given is truthful and accurate

Be Team players

Co-operate and help each other

Develop talents to ensure that we contribute to this mission statement.

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