Below is a sample of case studies showing some examples of how the business has worked successfully with clients.  


Nutrition Group was approached by a high profile brand within the sports nutrition industry which was interested in creating an innovative new chewable tablet, containing one active ingredient.

A chewable tablet was developed in three different flavours. Our technical team advised on the best base for the formula then produced pilot batches for the customer. The customer was very pleased with the results.

Nutrition Group was also able to source bespoke packaging for the customer and has, since then, managed to launch the innovative product in over 250 retail outlets nationwide.


In late 2012, the NHS released an informative study that many children in the UK were found not to be getting as much Vitamin D as they should. The study then went on to suggest that a lack of Vitamin D could lead to bone deformities such as rickets, bone pain and tenderness as a result of a condition called osteomalacia in adults.

Nutrition Group’s expert NPD team immediately took this information on board and were quickly able to develop a great tasting chewable tablet that met the nutritional requirements recommended by the NHS.

Nutrition Group then passed on this innovative product to one of their long-standing clients and the product is now very successful and is sold in many leading high street pharmacies across the UK.


Nutrition Group were approached by an international Sports Nutrition brand that operates out of the UK, but sourced their manufactured product from the U.S.A. The client was looking to work in a more cost effective way and was in the process of finding a reliable manufacturer within the UK.

The client was very particular as to how and where their product would be manufactured and tested to ensure high quality. Nutrition Groups technical team reviewed the components within the clients’ product and found that a number of substances had been banned under EU legislation. The team re-formulated the products to meet the requirements of EU legislation and the brand has now worked happily in partnership with Nutrition Group for over 3 years.


Nutrition Group was approached by a client within the VMS industry (Vitamin, Mineral and Supplements). This particular client was very unhappy with their previous supplier due to long lead times and a lack of communication.

Nutrition Group helped this client by supplying some products from stock on a next-day service. This enabled the client to continue to service their customers whilst more in-depth arrangements were put in place. Further to this, Nutrition Group took on board the client’s range of products and now manufactures and manages stocks to agreed, consistent lead times.